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Waterfall House,Srirangam,Trichy

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Waterfall House, Srirangam,Trichy

This Waterfall house has three main floors which is connected through a lift and a staircase. The ground floor which overlooks to a skylight dome consists of a living room, kitchen, dining , study cum puja space etc.,  The first floor also has a living room with three bedrooms. The terrace floor has a swimming pool and a gym. 

As the name suggests, this residence invites with its two-storey high man-made waterfall. The waterfall is connected from the Swimming pool to fall from a spout in the second floor, giving a sense of tranquility while entering the house. The built-in seat adjoining the waterfall provides space to spend an outdoor leisure time with family. 

The living room in the ground floor is defined by a level down which provides a sense of closure without a wall. The niche under the staircase acts as a small reading space for the children. The Tulasi plant and the swing near to the mezzanine level master bedroom 
add a personal touch to the home. 

The subtly coloured dining space is well lit with its connectivity to the exterior. The green wall before the dining space makes the interior feel tropical. 

The puja space is raised a level above to define itself from the study space whereas the study space has an access to the loft level library space for the children. 

Reaching the first floor, a closer feel to the skylight can be experienced, where all the bedrooms are introverted towards the atrium. The living room in the first floor has a view of the waterfall through the full height glass windows. 

The design of Waterfall house evolved as a result of the client's exploration towards various building/finishing materials. It can be witnessed with the exposed brick walls, wooden cladding, full glass walls with concrete fins and rough stone cladding in the exterior. In the interiors, for the visual balance, all the different materials such as marble, wood, oxide, granite have been chosen carefully to meet with the appropriate colour scheme.

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