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Laurie Baker -

an Extraordinary Brick Builder

The Gandhi of Modern Architecture- Laurie Baker has set a working example of conscious construction.

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The Design of Traditional Lime Kilns of Tamilnadu

Read all there is to learn about lime - Lime types, the cycle, kilns and more.

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Choosing the right Environment Friendly Construction Material

How to choose the right Building Material? What are the criteria to look at?

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 Why Native Natural Buildings are the need of the hour?

Why should our constructions be more local, less toxic and produce zero wastes?

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The Aboriginal Toda Architects of the Blue Mountains

Belonging to the Kurinji Land of Nilgiris, we have abundant lessons of self-sustenance to learn from the Todas.

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The marvels of Terracotta in Tamilnadu

Terracotta is an important Clay-art of Tamilnadu which has withing it a deep understanding of material and climate.

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Seed storage was a common practice in Tamilnadu till a few decades back. Let's look at how Mud helped them achieve this.


Is your Building Making you Sick ?  - Part 1

Spaces Spaces are capable of changing our pyschological well-being.  It's highly important to design for our mental well-being.

Formula of Natural Buildings.jpg

Most of the technology involved in doing Natural Buildings are centuries-old. They have grown through a generations of trial-and-error by highly skilled....

Built in furnitures

Right design and usage of Built- in furniture can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space.


Sources of Natural Colours in

Natural Finishes

We all have our preferences of colours in the Finishes of our Wall Plasters and Floorings. There are unlimited colours in Nature that can be used in our Buildings...

Aathangudi tiles

The Classic Craft of Athangudi Tiles

The famous flooring of Chettinad houses - the Athangudi tiles, have achieved what its modern contemporaries have failed to, when it comes to sustainability. 


The Western modern toilets has many absuridities and flaws. We are defecating in fresh water, then spending so much energy and time to treat this water again...


Straight Lines Versus

Vernacular Buildings

The geometry of spaces defines its architecture. Why are we predominantly rectilinear buildings?


Role of Courtyards in Chettinad Designs

Courtyards have been commonplace in residential architecture throughout the past. In Tamil Nadu, the courtyard not only facilitates additional activities, but it is an important climate-conscious design element. 


Lime Kilns 

Sunnambu Kaalvai or Lime Kilns were a common sight that has now become endangered. Here are...

5Kadukkai for Natural Building (4) Lime.

Kadukkai - Jaggery

In many parts of India, Masons use Kadukkai (Terminalia Chebula) and Jaggery, traditionally in Lime Works. What is their importance for being used in Natural Buildings?

Mud Natural Building Tamilnadu.jpg

How do Natural Buildings "Breathe" ?

Terracotta is an important Clay-art of Tamilnadu which has withing it a deep understanding of material and climate.

Jali Natural Building Tamilnadu4.jpg

Jali Walls

"Jali" are perforated walls used in the regulation of heat, wind and light...

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